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2017 Edition of the
Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams

Organized by the France-China Committee since 2014 and part of the promotion campaign « Creative France » since 2016

Innovation by bicultural Franco-Chinese teams to meet the global industrial, economic, environmental and societal challenges of today and tomorrow

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Chairman of the Jury 2017
The French National Center for Scientific Research
With the special support from
The Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France ( CCCIF)

 Organized under the patronage of
French Ministry of the Economy and Finance
French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation


Entry to the competition is open from 19 June 2017 (6 pm – French time) until 15 September 2017 (6 pm - French time). During this period, the candidates will be able to put together and submit an application form available in French, English and Chinese  hereafter :

The application form must be completed in English, French and Mandarin Chinese and be sent electronically in Word format to Mr. LI Houzhe, Events Manager of the France-China Committee :  [email protected]

A paper version of the application forms must also be sent to the following address :
Comité France Chine
LI Houzhe, Events Manager
55 avenue Bosquet
75330 Paris Cedex 07

For further information, please address your questions to: [email protected]

Criteria and types of Awards

Under this competition, three types of awards will be awarded for innovative projects developed by Franco-Chinese bicultural teams, concerning innovations such as innovative technologies, products or services, with a significant impact in social, economic, industrial and environmental terms:

  1.  R&D (Research & Development) Award: this prize is awarded for innovations, not yet placed on the market, developed by one and/or a combination of public or private research units such as research and development centers, and/or institutes, and/or company laboratories
  2. Innovative Product Award: this prize is awarded for innovations which are already on sale on the market and for which a patent has been filed, by the date that the Competition application is submitted,
  3. Innovative Initiative Award: this prize is awarded for any other innovation, including ideas, software, business models, organizational methods or similar procedures already implemented within an organization.

Ambassador of the Awards

The Awards are supported by

  • Mr. Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, personality at the heart of the France-China diplomatic relationship - Former Prime minister, Senator of Vienne, and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Defense, Military Forces Commission at the French Senate.
  • Mr. Cédric VILLANI, mathematician and politician, winner of the Fields 2010 medal, deputy of the 5th district of Essonne and President of the OPECST (Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices).


The Awards will be awarded by a Franco-Chinese jury chaired in 2017 by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and whose members will be drawn from French and Chinese institutions, companies, and scientific world.
The winning Teams of the Awards will be chosen by the Jury from 9 pre-selected finalist projects between September and November 2017.
The finalists will pitch front of the Jury members on 7 November 2017 in France and in China.

Assessment criteria

Projects will be assessed based on the following criteria:
• The emphasis placed on the involvement of Franco-Chinese team in the innovation process
• Innovative aspects
• Economic viability
• The usefulness of the project in industrial, economic, environmental and social terms.

The Awards ceremony

It will be held in Paris on 12 December 2017 as part of the Franco-Chinese Purple evening of the France-China Committee


Créative FranceThe Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams are part of the 2017 promotion campaign « Creative France », operated by Business France. This campaign promotes France’s appeal in terms of industrial and economic dynamism, innovation potential, cultural and artistic vitality. It shines the spotlight on the innovation capacity of French companies which export French know-how everywhere in the world. In 2017, China is one of the 5 priority countries for this campaign launched in 2015.

Official Website: creative.businessfrance.fr
WeChat ID: creativefrance

France-China Committee would like to thank the French National Center for Scientific Research  the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France  and Air France for their support.

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