Webinaire A l’heure de la Chine à travers le lancement de la 7ème édition des Prix CFC de l’Innovation des Equipes franco-chinoises et du Club Alumni présidé par KERING


9 h 30 min - 11 h 00 min

55, avenue Bosquet, Paris

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The CFC Innovation Awards are a tremendous occasion for Franco-Chinese teams to emphasize the successes of the cooperation between French and Chinese communities in major fields such as health, environment, education or industry.

We invite you to join us for the launch of both, the CFC 7th edition of the Innovation Awards of Franco-Chinese Teams, and its Alumni Club chaired by KERING.

Since its first edition in 2014, the number of finalists and winners of the Awards has reached a critical size allowing efficient added value exchanges between French and Chinese innovation specialists. To make such a community interact, we are enthusiastic to welcome KERING to chair such an Alumni Club to develop its future activities. 

Please join us on Wednesday 21st April to get all the details to apply to the 7th edition Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams and discover the logo for its new Alumni Club.



8:15-8:30 – Zoom videoconference opening – participants can login

8:30-8:50History of the CFC Innovation Awards and launch of the Alumni Club

  • Jean-Louis CHAUSSADE, Co-Chair of FRANCE CHINA COMMITTEE, special advisor for ACCURACY, former President of SUEZ
  • Marie-Claire DAVEU, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International Institutional Affairs, KERING

8:50-9:10 – Two keynote speeches on innovation 

  • Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, French Ambassador of the CFC Innovation Awards, former French Prime minister, special representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for China, President of la Fondation Prospective & Innovation
  • Chinese official representative 

9:10-9:20First Q&A session

​9:20-9:40- Launch of the 7th edition of the CFC Franco-Chinese Teams Innovation Award 

  • Antoine PETIT, Chairman of CNRS, heading the Jury of the CFC Innovation Awards
  • Former winners and finalists’ views on the CFC Innovation Awards

9:40-9:55First Q&A session

9:55-10:00 – Concluding remarks